For over 25 years, O’Brien’s has proven to be a successful Pub and Restaurant. Our outdoor garden patio has grown to seat over 250 guests and is an enjoyable place to meet for cocktails and to sit for lunch and dinner. For families looking to entertain small children, our patio features a “play fish” fountain with miniature tables and chairs. O’Brian’s is pet friendly and during summer months, we offer live outdoor entertainment with music to suit those of all ages.

For those patrons interested in our inside Pub, we now have booth seating in addition to our regular table arrangements. We are equipped with 2 large screen televisions, 5 additional TV’s, 2 pool tables, a steel tip dart board, and other video attractions. O’Brien’s is air-conditioned during summer months and provides wood stove heating during winter months.

O’Brien’s menu offers a large selection of appetizers, soups, salads, burgers, sandwiches, freshly grilled pizzas, and entrees. We also have a “low-carb” menu to accommodate certain dining preferences. O’Brien’s serves a variety of imported and domestic beer, as well as frozen drink and coffee specialties. We are able to host large parties and special functions. Our entire menu is available for take out.

Please join us for a pleasurable experience and an enjoyable and affordable meal with family and friends. We look forward to your visit and ongoing patronage.

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